Josephine G.
Flavorful and delicious I only wish they had some eggplant on the menu. I love that the owner is there consistently and always asks if you have enjoyed your meal.
duhg McDuhgal
Yeah, this place is pretty gosh darn good. I'm not big on buttered chicken, but their version is great! 😃👍
Aliit K.
I was very disappointed when I went to Naan King. Hardly anyone was they're enjoying the amazing food, this community should show some Love, and eat here at lest 3 times a week. This is my six time eating here and they're always fast and always delicious.
Carolyn Kuhnz
They are new in the hood. I hope they get more customers so they'll prosper and stay. I recemmend the food; excellent. First time I have eaten Indian food.
sarah ezell
Amazing food! Super friendly staff! One of the best Indian cuisine that I’ve had! I recommend the Vegetable Samosa and Butter Chicken
Peter Merdinger
Great place for delicious Indian cuisine. Service was also outstanding. Get the naan!
Julie M.
We started with the vegetable samosa. It was flaky and light with good flavor. The tandoori chicken is very tender and the seasonings were perfect. You may want to order the chicken tikka kabob...loved it! The chicken wings were delicious and not greasy. Butter chicken has a nice amount of spice to it. I highly recommend the cheese naan. If you are a cheese lover this is definitely for you! The garlic naan is great! We also tried the plain naan, which my husband loved. To drink my son and hubby got the mango lassi. We all thought it was very good. I cannot wait to go back to try more things from the menu!
ike f.
Chicken briyani is insane!!! Me and my buddy are freaking out. Perfect amount of flavor and heat! Everything taste hella fresh. I don't Yelp very much, but had to for this place A+. 10/10. 100% gold medal
Jennifer A.
was driving by and seen that Naan King opened up not too long ago! I'm a lover for Indian food and this place was just the right spot for it. Great restaurant including the food, environment and customer service :) will for sure come back loved the butter chicken with garlic naan.
mike martinez
Amazing food & staff!
W.J Green
Chicken Vindaloo🥹…. It has my heart! I am always on the hunt for one that matches or beats the ones I’ve had abroad. Naan King is the best I’ve had in the states, hands down. The heat level was perfect, the chicken was tender, and was spiced just right. Now I’m excited to explore the rest of their menu!
Joseph G.
We were out running errands and had to got through Rancho Murieta on the way home. We had seen that Naan King opened a few weeks ago and decided to try it. We have not eaten in many Indian restaurants in the past but were not terribly impressed with them. We were greeted by the owners when we walked into Naan King. We asked them what was good for lunch and not too terribly spicy. We ordered the Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of Basmati rice to go. Order was ready about 12 minutes later and we took it home a few miles away. I must say the smell coming out of the bag made it difficult not to stop on the roadway and chow down. When we got home, we made a bed of rice on the plates and shared portions of each main dish. The flavor hits your palate right away. Fabulous blend of spices with nothing overwhelming; just extremely well balanced and flavorful. Both dishes were slightly spicy but hardly excessively so; just enough to open the taste buds as it were. The chicken was tender and very good. As I say, we're not experts on Indian cuisine by any means but much like art, we know what we like and we'll be back. Perhaps next time we'll take the time to sit down and order a few more things off the menu such as some of their appetizer offerings.
Linda Allen
Had a mango lassi, roti, butter chicken and paneer Tikka...... What can I say, it was all wonderful. So fresh and yummy. Wish I could eat more!
S Dutt
Food was great! Service was great! I’m going back! Highly recommended to go there!
Really good food… really good butter chicken
Great place.. wonderfull food and service.
Raj K.
Amazing new restaurant! Delicious Indian food! Awesome ambiance and very friendly service!